Delta på Master of Cyber Security - Del 2 for å vinne:

Tittelen "Master of Cyber Security 2017" og pluss førstepremien på NOK 10.000,-.

This is challenge 2 - for more information please visit or
What is HackCon?

The national Norwegian Cyber Security Convention, HackCon, was established in 2005 by the network of Norwegian security experts. The goal was to create practical cyber security courses and convention combined with a social meeting place to meet the future challenges within cyber security. The purpose of HackCon is to give a clear view of what the challenges we see are, so we can meet them with the best possible knowledge. HackCon is for the people who are genuinely interested in technology, psychology, IT and security, and who wants to improve their knowledge within these areas.

Today, HackCon are considered as #1 cyber security convention in Norway, but HackCon are also seemed as institution and cyber security network for people how are genuinely interested in Cyber Security. At HackCon we develop security software, give free advice, worn the security communities, help with risk management and do advance security testing.

HackCon – securing critical values through knowledge.

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